Ser Jacopo

Ser Jacopo

Ser Jacopo was started by Giancarlo Guidi in 1982 when he left mastro de paja

There pipes are extremely well made pipes, they have some very attractive finshes & there use of horn, acrylic & variuos metals can make there pipes very ornate

There shapes can be very playfull & interesting & they are never afraid to experiment

Based in Pesaro with the likes of Castello, Mastro de paja & IL Ceppo, they have adding something very different to there style which sets them apart from the others, while still making a true artisan hand made pipe

There use of high quality Italian briar & there attention to the machining has cemented these pipes as superb smoking pieces


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Ser jacopo Domina 2014   64/330 Outstanding limit edition year pipe, only 330 made for ..
Ser Jacopo Maxima S2 Magnificent pipe in as new condition & only previuosly smoked several ti..
Ser Jacopo Melolontha L2 Wonderful handmade Italian pipe in superb condition & smoked very li..
Ser Jacopo R1 Hand Made in Italy Fantastic as new condition pipe which has been smoked very littl..
Ser Jacopo Rhodesian R1 Rusticated Wonderful handmade pipe in as new condition & only smoked ..
Ser Jacopo Spongia S3 Excellent as new condition & only smoked a handful of times, this pipe ..
Ser Jacopo Spongia S3 Panel Very nice pipe in excellent lightly smoked condition maxima sized ..