Stanwell Handmade No50 Regd.No Selected Briar Superb & highly collectable Stanwell in an exce..

Savinelli Autograph Grade 6 Magnificent higher grade freehand pipe from Savinelli These pipes ..

BBB Silver Grain No607 London England Stunning BBB with a very attractive finish & grain mark..

Peterson Pipe of the Year 2004 Limited Edition 104/1000 Wonderful very attractive pipe of the yea..

Savinelli Punto Oro 111KS Wonderful & collectable Punto oro King Size in excellent condition ..

Dunhill Root Briar LB 1965 Highly collectable Root Briar LB in outstanding condition This pipe..

Stanwell Royal No56 Sandblast Wonderful lightly smoked pipe in very good condition This Canada..

BBB London Made No504 Wonderful Canadain shaped BBB in excellnt condition & has been barely s..

Stanwell Handmade No12 Regd.No Sandblast Wonderful Stanwell made between 1965-1972 & has the ..

Charatan's Make 'Selected' Large BIlliard We estimate this pipe as being made during the late Reu..

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Great value for money Professionally Restored Smoking Pipes, costing much less than there new equivalents & in most case's can be viewed as a future investment

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Dunhill Root Briar 422 1975 Magnificent root briar in an excellent lighly smoked condition Gre..

Castello Limited Edition *Pipes & Tobacco* 147 of 250 Stunning limited edition pipe for the p..

Poul Winslow Handmade Grade B High grade WInslow in outstaning condition & only previously sm..

Joura Handmade Freehand Magnificent pipe from Karl heinz Joura in an outstanding very lightly smo..

Dunhill A Innertube No56 1930 Patent Era Magnificent early Dunhill pipe in superb condition for i..

Dunhill Root Briar 14211 1980 *New Unsmoked Condition* Superb collectable pipe made in 1980 &..

Castello Natural Vergin S55 KKKK 2016 As new condition, this pipe was purchased in 2016 & onl..

Charatan's Make 'Executive' Lane era Magnificent high grade charatan made between 1961-1965 Th..