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Charatan Rarity Extra Large Magnificent & highly colelctable pipe in outstanding condition, c..

Charatan's Make 'Executive' Lane era Magnificent high grade charatan made between 1961-1965 Th..

Charatan's Make 'Special' Lane Era Late Rueben, early lane era pipe in very good condition The..

Charatan's Make Belvedere No4 *Lane Era* 1966 - 1979 Wonderful shaped Charatan in superb conditio..

Charatan's Make Belvedere No4402DC Excellent pipe is superb condition & from what we beleive ..

Charatan's Make Distinction Extra Large *Unsmoked Condition* Very nice Extra Large Charatan in an..

Charatan's Make Imperial 4651DC *Denture Stem* Wonderful pipe in fantastic condition with very at..

Charatan's Make No3102DC Regd No 203573 Very attractive sandblasted Charatan in superb condition ..

Charatan's Make Selected *Denture Stem* High grade early Charatan fitted with a denture stem T..

Charatan's Make Special (Lane Era) Stunning handmade XL size rare shaped charatan in a superb lig..

Charatan's Make Special No33X *Early Lane Era* Wonderful early Lane era pipe dating early 1960's,..