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Kurt Balleby Handmade SLC Grade Amazing pipe from one of the best pipe makers in the world Thi..

Benner Hand Made Beuatiful hand made pipe by Bent Neilsen Bent Neilsen (Benner) has worked for..

Cavicchi Handmade CCCC Magnificent artisan handmade pipe from Italy Made by Claudio Cavicchi t..

Clifton Corniche Beautiful & rare Clifton made during the 1960's by Hall & Fitzgerald of ..

Colin Fromm Handmade Calabash *Unsmoked Condition* Magnificent & highly collectable pipe, han..

Colin Fromm Handmade Invicta England Highly collectable pipe handmade by Colin Fromm This pipe..

Croci Amica Handmade 1983 *New Unsmoked Condition* Beautiful Italian handmade pipe complete with ..

Danmore Straight Grain High grade pipe in as new condition This very attractrive shaped pipe h..

Gerhard Wilhelm Handmade *New Unsmoked Condition* Stunning pipe from this very talented artisan p..

Kaj Nielsen Handmade *New Unsmoked Condition* Magnificent handmade pipe from a private collection..

Ludwig Lorenz Freehand Grade A Gorgeous freehand artisan made pipe from this very talented pipe m..

Millville Unique Freehand *New Unsmoked Condition* Made by hand in the city of London This pip..

P.H.Vigen Handmade 1993 Magnificent & very rare pipe in a superb very lightly smoked conditio..

P.Jeppesen Handmade Superb very well made artisan pipe that is in as new condition & smoked n..

Peter Klein Handmade Wonderful handmade pipe from this wonderful artisan piper maker The pipe ..

Radice Handmade Lovat Italy Beautiful artisan made made from Italy This pipe is in fantastic c..

Radice Rind Handmade Italy Wonderful pipe in an excellent very lightly smoked previously conditio..

Refbjerg Hand Made SSM 11 No25 Soren Refbjerg hand made in Denmark Excellent lightly smoked co..