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Peterson Aran XL02 Superb very lightly previously smoked condition The pipe is finished with a..

Peterson Deluxe 12 1/2S 1982 *New Unsmoked Condition* Wonderful early Deluxe with a rusticated fi..

Peterson Deluxe 1994 Wonderful Deluxe in an excellent very lightly smoked condition I have ins..

Peterson Deluxe 1S 1979 Magnificent deluxe in excellent condition with no chamber wear, rim or st..

Peterson Deluxe 5S 1981 Magnificent & highly collectable early Deluxe in very good condition ..

Peterson Deluxe 5S Rustic 1983 Wonderful & highly collectable Deluxe made in 1983 This pip..

Peterson Donegal Rocky B10 PCOL 2014 Year Pipe *New Unsmoked Condition* Pipe Club of London year ..

Peterson Donegal Rocky No120 Wonderful lightly smoked Eraly Donegal Rocky in excellent condition ..

Peterson Dublin 3 Magnum made in England circa 1920-1930 Fantastic pipe in excellent condition ..

Peterson Dublin No15 Long Stem Excellent condition & barely smoked, this pipe could pass for ..

Peterson Dumore B10 This very attractive shaped pipe has a wonderful contrast stained finish T..

Peterson Flame Grain XL11 2000 Very lightly smoked pipe in excellent condition & fitted with ..

Peterson Handmade Freehand *Rare* Very rare handmade pipe by peterson in wonderful conditionn ..

Peterson Kapet Dental No14 Wonderful early Peterson in excellent condition The pipe bears the ..

Peterson Kinsale XL12 Nice Peterson in very good condition & showing no chamber wear or damag..

Peterson Meerschaum Large Rusticated Wonderful African Block meerschaum made circa 1970 The pi..

Peterson Millennium Edition 1888-1988 *New* New & unsmoked complete with it's original box, s..

Peterson oom Paul Sterling Silver 1990 Stunning pipe in excellent condition & has been previo..