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Savinelli Autograph Grade 3 Smooth Ony smoked a handful of times, this pipe is in as new conditio..

Savinelli Autograph Hand Made in Italy *NEW* New pipe complete with the original presentation box..

Savinelli Autograph Sandblast / Smooth *NEW* New pipe complete with original box & sleeve ..

Savinelli Deluxe No128 Army Mount Wonderful early Savinelli Deluxe in very good condition The ..

Savinelli Dry System No3621 *NEW* New pipe complete with original box, sock & paperwork with ..

Savinelli Estella 606EX Superb Extra Large Estella with a wonderful craggy rusticated finish &..

Savinelli Giubileo d'oro 410EX Superb condition Extra Large pipe Magnificent & highly coll..

Savinelli Giubileo d'oro No602 Magnificent & highly collectable pipe from Savinelli, the Giub..

Savinelli Long John No316 Magnificent very collectable pipe from Italy's biggest pipe maker Th..

Savinelli Nonpareil 9604 Beautiful oom paul shaped pipe in fantastic condition & has possibly..

Savinelli Punto Oro 111KS Wonderful & collectable Punto oro King Size in excellent condition ..

Savinelli Punto Oro 412 Stunning Extra Large Punto Oro in excellent condition complte with box &a..

Savinelli Silver 616KS Wonderful King size Savinelli in a superb condition & looks to have on..