Dunhill is possibly the most known & respected name in the pipe world, started in London England this name has been associated with high quality goods from it's early beginings

Dunhill pipes are highly collectable & very sought after, there is masses of documented lore on the make & they have a very large & loyal following

While you may find the odd unusual shapes, they have focused mainly on the great English classics, using only top quality briar & highly skilled craftsmen, there quality control is of the highest standard

Early patent era pipes demend some of the highest prices & also the root briars, these pieces are becoming very rare & should be looked at as an invenstment for the future, in fact any Dunhill pipe should

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Dunhill A Patent Era No 84/24 1946 Very attractive & highly collectable pipe made in 1946 ..
Dunhill Bruyere 533 1976 Excellent lightly smoked condition group 5 pipe The chamber, rim &..
Dunhill Bruyere 791 f/t 4A 1972 Wonderful rare shaped 791 f/t, the pipe is in like new condition ..
Dunhill Bruyere Limited Edition 1907-1987 Wonderful commemorative pipe in excellent condition ..
Dunhill Chestnut 31041 1982 Very lightly smoked pipe in excellent conditon The pipe has no cha..
Dunhill County No613 2012 Fantastic large group 6 pipe in a very lightly smoked condition The ..
Dunhill Dress 34211 1979 Group 3 size Zulu shape Stunning Dunhill Dress pipe in an excellent l..
Dunhill Red Bark 34071 1978 Very popular red bark finish Dunhill prince shaped pipe The pipe i..
Dunhill Ring Grain 4106 1998 Beautiful pipe in a superb condition & has been smoked very litt..
Dunhill Root Briar 410H 4R 1977 Beautiful rare bent pot sitter in wonderful condition, with some ..
Dunhill Root Briar 4217 1988 Wonderful rare squat buldog shaped Dunhill in an excellent very ligh..
Dunhill Root Briar 422 1975 Magnificent root briar in an excellent lighly smoked condition Gre..
Dunhill Root Briar 51031 1983 Magnificent, highly collectable & very sought after group 5 roo..
Dunhill Root Briar 5128 1989 *Denture Stem* Fantastic shaped Dunhill in very good condition with ..
Dunhill Root Briar 6313 2R 1964 Stunning extremely lightly smoked prince shaped dunhill in as lik..
Dunhill Root Briar LB 1965 Highly collectable Root Briar LB in outstanding condition This pipe..
Dunhill Root Briar No704 4R 1974 Great pipe in very good condition, with no teethmarks or rim sco..
Dunhill Shell Briar 'Collector' HT 2000 Wonderful hand turned collector series, in an excellent v..