Stanwell is the biggest producer of pipes in Demark, producing in there day around 300,000 pipes per year

They have employed some of the great Danish pipe makers over the years & there quality control was exceptional

The range of shapes & styles that they produced, put Denmark on the map as a pipe making nation

I am personally a huge fan of Stanwell pipes, although it has to be said the early ones are very special, it is the brand that I cut my teeth on when I strarted pipe smoking & I still have in my regular rotation a great number of them, they simply smoke superb, they are reliable & have no problem standing the test of time

When I am asked by any new pipe smoker ' where do I start' Stanwell is always my first choice for them, I could talk for hours about the reasons to buy a Stanwell, but honestly don't just take my word for it, ask any Stanwell pipe owner

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