Pipe Brebbia Srl, or better the M.P.B. (Manifattura Pipe Brebbia) was started in 1953

There pipes are traditionally made & are known for there quality

Thery come in a wide range of styles, sizes & finishes, there are also limited edtion & themed pieces, they also work with other Artisan pipe makers to create a great assortment of interesting pipes

A great Italian pipe maker that often falls under the radar

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Brebbia MPB Nova 131 *NEW* New pipe complete with it's original box & sock Weight - 57.8 g..
Brebbia Pura Collection Artisan *NEW* New pipe complete with original box,sock & all paperwor..
Brebbia Tsuge Design *NEW* New pipe complete with presentation box, leather sock & all paperw..
Brebbia Tsuge Design Hand Made *NEW* New pipe complete with it's original presentation box, sock ..