Rinaldo based in itlay is the artisan brothers Elio & Guido Rinaldo they produce 1500 pipes a year, mostly classic shapes

There pipes are made to a very high quality & can be found with a variety of different finishes with an assortment of silverwork to add to the finshed product

There pipes are well designed & easy to hold, the briar is of a superior quality & there smoking properties are well documented by many

They use a variety of stem materials, including Lucite & all the stems are handcut


, but with a more rustic design than the majoority of imilar Italian brands -- and has its main markets in Italy, Germany, and the US. It uses briar from Liguria, and lucite stems.

When it comes to hand-made (fatta a mano) Italian pipes, two brothers in Italy, Elio and Guido Rinaldo are raising eyebrows around the world and are proving that high quality doesn't always come at a high cost. In 1987 they started the business that bears their name although they actually started making pipes back in 1974 when they were only in their teens. They use the finest mediterranean briar and their pieces not only are expertly designed and easy to hold, but they use fine balanced acrylic mouthpieces to insure a pleasant grip and ease on the teeth. Although some pipe manufacturers employ a body of carvers to create their designs, the two Rinaldo brothers are the sole carvers of their company. They create pipes in three different finishes(smooth,sandblast,and rusticated), several different sizes, and line their pipes with briar, silver, and gold ornaments.

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Rinaldo Handmade Silverline 3 4 Lithos Great pipe in excellent, lightly smoked condition. This..
Rinaldo Triade YY Lovely pipe in as new condition & smoked very little previously Comes co..
Rinaldo Triade YYY Lightly smoked this pipe is in excellent condition No wear to rim, chamber ..