Peterson Pipes are possibly the most popular pipe on the market, with a huge range of pipes & styles, they have yearly pipes & themed pipes, there design team never seems to sleep

All there pipes are made in Ireland & there p'lip stem & patented dry system proved to be a huge selling point when introduced back in 1876

Peterson pipes have a huge following, again possibly greater than any other pipe maker, there lower end pipes are very affordable & there higher end pipes are within reach of many which has helped contribute to there success

There are certain era's & models more collectable than others & there patent & early pipes now demand very strong money, but a good quality well made pipe is still available at a very affordable price

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Peterson Kapet 120F 1980's Wonderful pipe in a very lightly smoked condition, complete with it's ..
Peterson Patent 1906 Wonderful & highly collectable Peterson from this most historic of era's..
Peterson Premier 305 1983 Fantatsic pipe in a very lightly smoked condition with a beautiful sand..
Peterson Premier 309 1984 Rustic Wonderful Peterson pipe with a beautiful rusticated finish, only..
Peterson Premier 312 1984 Great pipe in a brilliant, lightly smoked condition with a beautiful ru..