In 1922 the Parker Pipe Co Limited was formed by Alfred Dunhill, this was a way of him using the pipes that had not made it through the quality checks to become a Dunhill pipe & would be called seconds

Although classed as seconds the early parker pipes have gained a massive following with the Bark finish being a highy sought after piece, they are in my opion as good a smoking pipe as a Dunhill

The whole pipe making process was closely overseen by Dunhill up till what I believe to be the 1970's

The Super Bruyere's are the most collectable & have the strongest following


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Parker Earl No311 Nice pipe in a great, lightly smoked condition This pipe has no chamber wear..
Parker Super Briar Bark 82A Wonderful & highly collectable Super briar bark in outstanding co..
Parker Super Briar Bark No192 Superb & very collectable Super Bark in outstanding condition &..
Parker Super Briar Bark No96 1970/80's Superb Super Briar Bark in as new condition & was prev..