Started in 1863 by Frederick Charatan a Russian / Jewish immigrant

Charatan started with meerschaum pipes & eventually briar, the company grew & was later taken over by Rueben the son

Charatan pipes were amoung the best & most expensive you could buy, they employed some of the great English names in Pipe making & although the company switched owners several times, one owner being Dunhill, it was always producing great quality smoking pipes

Older era models are amoung the most sought after & are highy collected by enthusiasts for good reason

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Charatan's Make 'Executive' Lane era Magnificent high grade charatan made between 1961-1965 Th..
Charatan's Make 'Special' Lane Era Late Rueben, early lane era pipe in very good condition The..
Charatan's Make Belvedere No4402DC Excellent pipe is superb condition & from what we beleive ..
Charatan's Make No3102DC Regd No 203573 Very attractive sandblasted Charatan in superb condition ..
Charatan's Special 611 Wonderful Reuben Family Era Pipe dated from 1910-1960 In an excellent c..