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Aldo Morelli 701 *New* Wonderful Italian handmade pipe, with attractive grain markings & si..
Aldo Morelli 782 *New* Wonderful Italian handmade pipe, with a sandblast finish & attractive ..
Ardor Giove Bucaneve Lovely pipe in as new condition, only smoked a handful of times previously ..
Ardor Urano 2014 Excellent pipe that has been smoked no more than a handful of time previously &a..
Ardor Urano DR 2015 A fantastic pipe from Ardor in as new condition, with a wonderful rusticated ..
Ardor Urano DR 2016 A Stunning pipe from Ardor, finished with a magnificent deep rustication and ..
Ardor Urano DR Author 2015 Classic pipe from Ardor, featuring a beautiful deep rustication made..
Ardor Urano DR Big 2015 Classic pipe from Ardor, featuring a beautiful deep rustication and unusu..
Ashton Gilt Edge XXX 2005 *Bill Taylor era* Magnificent, rare & highly collectable pipe made ..
Ashton Sovereign 1996 *Bill Taylor* Magnificent & highly collectable Bill Taylor made pipe ..
Ashton Sovereign SG 1989 *Bill Taylor* Magnificent & very rare Straight Grain grade pipe made..
Ashton Sovereign XX 2013 Fantastic pipe in an excellent as new condiiton & was smoked no more..
Ashton Sovereign XX Pot *Bill Taylor* Wonderful & collectable pot shaped Ashton, that we beli..
Askwith 2011 Handmade Dublin Sandblast Wonderful pipe in a lightly smoked condition The pipe h..
Askwith Handmade 'Canadian' 2016 Superb pipe made by Chris Askwith of England This take on the..
Askwith Handmade Sandblast 2015 *New Unsmoked Condition* Wonderful handmade pipe from this very t..
Astley's Rusticated 109 Jermyn St *New Unsmoked Condition* Woonderful unsmoked pipe from a privat..
Bari Select Nature Old Briar No7932 Wonderful pipe in a fantastic lightly smoked condition. Th..
Barling Garnet Grain 1812 *Unsmoked Condition* Magnificent & highly collectable pipe in a ver..
Barling Garnet Grain 4229 *New Unsmoked Condition* Magnificent & collectable Barling Garnet..