Peterson Pipes are possibly the most popular pipe on the market, with a huge range of pipes & styles, they have yearly pipes & themed pipes, there design team never seems to sleep

All there pipes are made in Ireland & there p'lip stem & patented dry system proved to be a huge selling point when introduced back in 1876

Peterson pipes have a huge following, again possibly greater than any other pipe maker, there lower end pipes are very affordable & there higher end pipes are within reach of many which has helped contribute to there success

There are certain era's & models more collectable than others & there patent & early pipes now demand very strong money, but a good quality well made pipe is still available at a very affordable price

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Peterson 'Sterling Silver' 80S 1990's Great pipe in brilliant, lightly smoked condition Comple..
Peterson 140 Year Anniversary Pipe Wonderful limited edition pipe in an excellent, lightly smoked..
Peterson Deluxe 5S 1981 Magnificent & highly collectable early Deluxe in very good condition ..
Peterson Deluxe 5S Rustic 1983 Wonderful & highly collectable Deluxe made in 1983 This pip..
Peterson Donegal Rocky No221 A wonderful early Donegal pipe in barely smoked condition This pi..
Peterson Dublin No15 Long Stem Excellent condition & barely smoked, this pipe could pass for ..
Peterson Flame Grain XL11 2000 Very lightly smoked pipe in excellent condition & fitted with ..
Peterson Kapet Dental No14 Wonderful early Peterson in excellent condition The pipe bears the ..
Peterson Kapmeer 80S Wonderful meerschaum lined pipe in a very good condition for it's age Thi..
Peterson oom Paul Sterling Silver 1990 Stunning pipe in excellent condition & has been previo..
Peterson Patent System Limited Edition In 1990 Peterson offered 2 different shaped pipes, a strai..
Peterson Rosslare No120 Smooth Very attractive Rosslare in like new condition & has only been..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'Baker Street' 1989 The pipe apart from a couple of very tiny fill marks..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'Deerstalker'  Rustic 1989 Magnificent first series Sherlock Holmes..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'LeStrade' 9mm Very lightly smoked & in excellent condition The p..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'Mycroft' Wonderful as new condition & only previuosly smoked a hand..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'The Hudson' 2006 Wonderful very lightly smoked pipe in excellent condit..
Peterson Sherlock Holmes 'The Professor' 1990 Wonderful first series Sherlock Holmes pipe in an e..