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Dunhill Root Briar 21781 1975 A great shaped collectable root briar pipe from the 70's in excelle..
Dunhill Root Briar 410H 4R 1977 Beautiful rare bent pot sitter in wonderful condition, with some ..
Dunhill Root Briar 422 1975 Magnificent root briar in an excellent lighly smoked condition Gre..
Dunhill Root Briar 5128 1989 *Denture Stem* Fantastic shaped Dunhill in very good condition with ..
Dunhill Root Briar 759 f/t 4R 1975 *New* Stunning & highly collectable Root Briar in a new un..
Dunhill Root Briar No3102 1992 Beautiful pipe in an excellent lightly smoked condition. This p..
Dunhill Shell Briar 2006 *18K Gold Band* Magnificent Dunhill with an 18K hallmarked gold band ..
Dunhill William Shakespear The Birth Of A Genius 1564 *Limited Edition* Limited edition pipe in e..
Emil Chonowitsch Bruyere 45 Handmade This rare, highly collectable & very sought after pipe w..
Fatm0m Pipes Queen Wonderful handmade nosewarmer shaped pipe with nice grain markings. Smoked ..
Ferndown Reo 2 Star *New* Brand new rare and unsmoked Les Wood pipe from a private collection. Pu..
Ferndown Root Briar 3 Star *New* This pipe has come to us from a private collection of rarely &..
Ferndown Root Briar 3 Star Half Bend *New* This pipe has come to us from a private collection o..
GBD Church Warden 3 Pipe Set in Wooden Display Case *New Unsmoked Condition* 3 stunning unsmoked ..
Gerhard Wilhelm Handmade *New Unsmoked Condition* Stunning pipe from this very talented artisan p..
IL Ceppo Handmade No 1 Sandblast Billiard *New Unsmoked Condition* Brand new unsmoked pipe from I..
IL Ceppo Handmade No 1 Sandblast With Silver Adornments Stunning Il Ceppo pipe finished with a be..
IL Ceppo Handmade No 4 Bent Rhodesian Excellent handmade pipe from Il Ceppo featuring fantastic m..
IL Ceppo Handmade No 4 Billiard Wonderful handmade pipe from Il Ceppo, great value for money. ..
IL Ceppo Handmade No 4 Brandy Beautiful IL Ceppo pipe in as new condition, smoked no more than 5 ..